“The International Movement”: The occupation is holding the bodies of 9 martyred children in mortuaries

 The Global Movement for Defense of Children - Palestine reported that the number of martyred children who are being held by the Israeli occupation authorities in mortuaries has reached 9, claiming that they have carried out stabbing or trampling operations, the oldest of them since 2016.

The “global movement” stressed that the detention of the bodies is a violation of both international humanitarian law and international human rights law, which includes an absolute prohibition of cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment, as well as stipulates that the parties to the armed conflict must bury the dead in an honorable manner, which falls within the framework of the policy of punishment The collective punishment practiced by the occupation against the Palestinian people, and the harm caused to the families of the martyrs as a result of this amounts to collective punishment that violates international humanitarian law.

The “international movement” indicated that the martyred children whose bodies are being held are: Muhammad Nasser Mahmoud Khalil Tarayrah (16 years), from Bani Naim in Hebron, who was martyred on 30/6/2016, and Muhammad Tariq Ibrahim Dar Yusef (17 years), from Kobar in the Ramallah and Al-Bireh governorate. He was martyred on 7/26/2018, Muhammad Hani Musaad Abu Mandeel (17 years), from Deir al-Balah in the Gaza Strip, was martyred on 01/21/2020, Mahmoud Omar Sadiq Kamil (17 years), from Qabatiya, Jenin, was martyred on 12/21/2020, and Atta Allah Muhammad Harb Rayan (17 years), from Qarawat Bani Hassan in Salfit Governorate, was martyred on 26/1/2021, Zuhdi Muhannad Zuhdi al-Taweel (17 years), from Kafr Aqab occupied Jerusalem and was martyred on 24/5/2021, and Youssef Muhammad Fathi Odeh (15 years) ) from Burqin in Jenin Governorate and was martyred on 9/26/2021, Omar Ibrahim Ayoub Asab (16 years), from Al-Isawiya in occupied Jerusalem and was martyred on 17/11/2021, and Muhammad Nidal Younis Musa (15 years) from Nablus and was martyred on 6/12/2021 .

She stressed that the international community and its organizations must exert pressure on the occupation government to compel it to abide by the principles and rules that regulate the rights and protection of civilians in armed conflicts, including to stop violating the human dignity of victims and their families, and to hand over all bodies to their families without preconditions.

Since 1968, the Israeli occupation authorities have pursued a policy of detaining the bodies of hundreds of Palestinian martyrs in the “Numbers Cemetery,” especially the martyrs of patrols and commando operations.

It also continued this punitive policy for the families of the martyrs to hold the bodies of some of them after 2015 in mortuaries, violating all laws, customs, international agreements and heavenly laws.

It is noteworthy that in September 2019, the Israeli Supreme Court approved the practice of confiscating and detaining human remains after several legal challenges to this policy, and on November 27, 2019, then-Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett ordered the detention of all the bodies of Palestinians who allegedly attacked civilians or Israeli soldiers, and not to return them to their families.

The decision reinforces the 2018 amendment of the Israeli Knesset to the “Anti-Terrorism Law 5776-2016”, which gives the occupation police the power to detain the bodies of Palestinians killed by the army or police forces, and this decision cancels a historic ruling of the Israeli Supreme Court in 2017, which recognized the right of families to bury their dead. He notes that stopping the return of the bodies risks violating a number of rights, the first of which is human dignity.

The 2018 amendment to the Israeli “anti-terrorism” law also authorizes district leaders in the occupation police to set conditions for the release of detained Palestinian bodies, including placing restrictions on the size of participants and the location and timing of the burial ceremony. Families are also required to deposit cash with the occupying authorities as a guarantee that the family will comply with these conditions.

Israel is the only country in the world that pursues such a policy, and even works to legalize it within the framework of its legislative institutions and political system, with the aim of increasing the suffering of the families of Palestinian martyrs.

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