Tekoua stormed and 7 youths arrested

The occupation forces, backed by members of the special units, disguised themselves in civilian clothes, stormed the town of Tuqu’, east of Bethlehem, at dawn on Tuesday, and arrested 7 young men and raided a number of homes.

Activists from the town reported that these forces stayed inside the town for more than four hours and applied extensive military measures, as they set up military checkpoints at its entrances, raided and searched many houses, and forced a number of residents to go out in the open and stay for a long time. During that time, the forces arrested 7 young men, who were Yahya Musa Al Shaer (23 years old), Marwan Fouad Sabah (27 years old), Muhyi Nayef Suleiman (21 years old), Moaz Nabil Suleiman (19 years old), Bahaa Saqr Suleiman (19 years old), Mujahid Hussein Suleiman (23 years old) and Omar Suleiman (22 years old) and Hamza al-Badan (22 years old), and they were taken to an unknown destination.

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