Gaza: Alaa from the plight of cancer to creativity in the manufacture of stereoscopic

Alaa Dammagh, 41, was able to transform his difficult health conditions after cancer into a grant that enabled him to create artefacts and heavy machinery with high professionalism.

Alaa, a resident of the besieged Gaza Strip, has the talent and hobby of recycling wood from factory waste to make toy, antiques, machinery and cars to become masterpieces made with creativity and precision.

Since childhood, Alaa has been fluent in painting and the manufacture of carton stereoscopics, but the disease has kept him away from his passion and hobby for a long time to return with all the power and employ his hobby in the manufacture of stereoscopics in an attempt to embody the Palestinian heritage through the manufacture of artifacts and figures of machinery and heavy equipment using wood and factory waste.

That difficult period gave the Dammagh the power to develop itself, to overcome the difficult psychological state it had gone through, so he went to buy a small carpentry machine and put it inside one of his family's house rooms, and began to practice carpentry.

Alaa presents what he produces on his Facebook page, "Wood and a saw" and has a great desire to get followers and fans to take his work wide spread, pointing out that it is admired by many when they see the models it produces.

Alaa aspires to participate in local and international exhibitions through which he can display his wood products and find a market for them, and become a culture in homes, offices, museums and others, expressing the hope that he will find those who support him and stand by him in the development of his hobby, so that he can make more and different sizes.


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Photo by: Hani Al-Shaer

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