The occupation besieges Cyrenaica and closes all roads leading to it

Since Monday afternoon, the Israeli occupation forces have imposed a strict siege on the village of Burqa, north of Nablus, after days of almost daily confrontations in the village, in refusal of settlers' attempts to return to the evacuated "Homash" settlement, coinciding with As the residents confronted the settlers' attempts to storm the village and attack its residents.

Activist Dirar Abu Omar told “Since this afternoon, the occupation forces have closed all roads leading to Cyrenaica and the link between it and the neighboring villages, with high earth mounds, except for its main western entrance, but they put a military barrier on it.”

Abu Omar indicated that the residents then tried to open some roads, but the occupation forces attacked the residents, and clashes erupted as a result, and the occupation forces fired tear gas canisters, causing a number of suffocation injuries.

Abu Omar stressed that the siege of Cyrenaica and the closure of all roads leading to it, comes in the context of collective punishment of the town, and perhaps a prelude to greater punishment that may be carried out by carrying out arrests or incursions into the village, and the siege comes in the context of a retaliatory campaign by the people of Cyrenaica for their response to attempts to storm the village by the occupation army and settlers .

Meanwhile, Abu Omar indicated that despite the talk about the existence of a decision by the occupation army to prevent settlers from entering Homesh and declaring it a closed military area, some settlers infiltrated the Homesh site under the protection of the occupation army.

Since the sixteenth of this month, several villages and towns north of Nablus, especially Cyrenaica, have witnessed attacks by settlers and the occupation army, interspersed with confrontations, which inflicted many injuries, after announcing the killing of a settler and wounding two others at the entrance to the evacuated “Homash” settlement.

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