6 detainees in the West Bank, and a raid on the house of the prisoner Anfa’at, in Jenin

The occupation forces arrested today, Wednesday, 6 citizens in the West Bank, while they stormed the house of the prisoner Munadil Infa’at, one of the six prisoners who took their freedom from “Gilboa” prison last September.

The forces arrested the liberated captive, Muhammad Ibdah, from the new Askar camp in Nablus, along with Baraa Saleh Al-Shannar from Kafr ad-Dik and Hamza Assi from Qarawat Bani Hassan, both areas in Salfit.

And the occupation arrested Muhammad Hijazi from Bethlehem.

Fadi Muhammad al-Khadour, from the Bedouins northwest of Jerusalem, and Muhammad Abd al-Salam Rabei, from Beit Anan, were arrested.

At dawn, the occupation forces stormed the towns of Ya'bad and Kafr Qud, southwest of Jenin.

Witnesses told that more than 20 patrols stormed Ya'bad and raided the home of the family of the prisoner Munadil Nafaat, who was re-arrested after his freedom was taken from Gilboa Prison, along with five others.

Witnesses stated that the soldiers detained his family and searched the house and destroyed the pictures and contents of Munadil.


In this context, the soldiers raided the home of the freed prisoner Saed Abu Obeid in Kafr Qud and detained the family until the completion of the search campaign, and demanded that they hand over Saed and threaten daily penalties and raids, noting that Abu Obeid was arrested several times, and in the last arrest he went on a hunger strike against his administrative detention.

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