A massive arrest campaign and the storming of “Birzeit University”

The occupation forces arrested 16 citizens in the West Bank today, Tuesday, while they stormed Birzeit University in Ramallah.

The forces arrested 4 citizens of Tulkarm: Ali Al-Abboushi, Fadi Khattab, Haitham Yaqoub Omar and Sheikh Omar Assaf.

It also arrested the wounded Nidal Atta, Muhammad Taysir Zahran and Mahdi al-Barghouti, who are from Deir Abu Mishaal, west of Allah, along with Nawar Muzhir al-Tamimi from Deir Nizam in the west.

The forces stormed Birzeit University, north of Ramallah.

And the occupation arrested Orabi Jawarish from Bethlehem, along with Musa Abed Rabbo from Al Walaja to the west.

From Hebron, Jihad Musa Shalalda and Muhammad al-Kawazbeh, who are from Sa'ir to the east, were arrested, in addition to Muhammad Yusef, Rasna and Qassam Halayqa, from the sheikhs to the east.

And arrested from Jerusalem, Muhammad Siam and Qusay Abd Alyan.

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