Al-Taher: The situation on the ground is very dangerous and an escalation is coming

Maher Al-Taher, head of the Political Relations Department in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, said this evening, Tuesday, that the situation on the Palestinian land is very dangerous because we are facing an aggressive, racist entity that practices every day a policy of terrorism, arrests, executions and all forms of killing against our people. This situation cannot be accepted by the Palestinian people and its resistance factions in any way.

Al-Taher pointed out, in statements to Al-Mayadeen TV, that the factions and their military wings are seriously studying today what options we will resort to in the next stage, because we cannot remain silent in the face of all these practices by the occupation.

He added, "The battle of Saif al-Quds confirmed the unity of the land and destiny, but attempts were made to abort its honorable results, and when the battle erupted and the missiles rained down on the Zionist entity, mediations began to attack from all sides, and after the ceasefire, things returned to what we knew in previous years."

Al-Taher pointed out that the occupation wants a present in the Gaza Strip and withdraws the detonator from the time bomb there, so when the rockets calmed down, attempts began to return matters towards economic peace and a long-term truce, while the occupation practices returned in a more aggressive manner after the battle of “Sword of Jerusalem.”

The leader of the Popular Movement stressed that no serious solutions are currently being proposed that lead to the expropriation of the national rights of the Palestinian people, saying, “They want us to surrender and accept an autonomous administrative rule under the full control of the occupation.”

Al-Taher said, “Our people no longer have many options, so we say stop betting on illusions and the so-called negotiations, and the two-state solution has ended and has become empty talk. This is the American and Israeli position, so the table must be turned on this sterile option.”

Regarding the new threats by Hamas regarding the situation in Gaza, Al-Taher said, “The reconstruction of the Gaza Strip is linked to the issue of calm and stopping the resistance from the Strip. Therefore, things are taking new grants today, because our people cannot drop the option of comprehensive resistance with this occupation in exchange for some aid. The economic, and because our cause as a Palestinian people is an issue of national liberation and the basis is the removal of this occupation, so we will continue to escalate the resistance, and we as resistance factions when we meet the Egyptian leadership always assure them that we will not accept economic peace and we will resist in all forms until the occupation is expelled, and the Egyptian side says that calm is possible To open the horizon, but we affirm that we have rights and our main cause is the liberation of our country.”

Al-Taher said, “The occupation should know very well that all of its projects and schemes with temptations and economic peace will never succeed, and that its practices today in the entire Palestinian land cannot remain silent towards it and stand idly by.”

He stressed that "the escalation is coming in all its forms, including the military option, until the occupation pays the price for its terrorist practices against our people, and the factions are studying ways and means through which they will work to implement the comprehensive escalation in the coming period."

He added, "The conviction of our people and the resistance forces that there is no choice to extract our rights but resistance, and without that a waste of time."

On national unity, a member of the Political Bureau of the Popular Front said, “It is not possible to build a true Palestinian unity based on the so-called (international legitimacy) that has failed our people throughout history, especially since our people are being slaughtered today from vein to vein in light of the fact that Arab normalization has reached a limit. Signing military agreements with the occupying entity.

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