The General Union of Women in Egypt: Palestinian women are still a symbol of liberation, hope and democracy

The General Union of Women, the branch of the Arab Republic of Egypt, revived the National Day of Palestinian Women, recalling the sacrifices made by Palestinian women and the challenges they faced, during which they set an example in defiance, struggle, steadfastness, perseverance and spreading hope, in order to defend their rights. and the rights of her sons and daughters and all members of her community and people. The Palestinian woman is still a symbol of liberation, hope and democracy that she practiced and continues to practice on her land and the land of her ancestors to this day.

The Union said in a statement today, the twenty-sixth of October, the anniversary of the launch of the organized Palestinian feminist work and the convening of the first conference of the Palestinian Women’s Union in 1929 on the conspiracies that were being hatched against the Palestinian people and their presence on their land and the land of their ancestors, saluting Palestinian women in all A place and salutes the steadfastness of Palestinian women in the Gaza Strip after the fierce fourth war launched by the Zionist state against our people. We extend our condolences to the families of the righteous martyrs, and our condolences to the wounded heroes.

The Women’s Union in Egypt also saluted the steadfastness of Palestinian women in Jerusalem and in the West Bank, who struggle with the occupation every day and offer the martyrs and wounded in defense of existence on the Holy Land. I pledge to make every effort to support the just cause of the prisoners so that they get the freedom they deserve.

The Union expressed its rejection of the occupation state’s decision to accuse six civil society organizations that care about women, children and youth of terrorism, as the aim of these accusations is to disrupt their work and deprive the beneficiaries of the Palestinian people of their services, calling on decision-makers in the Palestinian National Authority to expedite the adoption of laws that are fair to women on It also demands that Palestinian women take the place they deserve in decision-making centers and in reconciliation committees, as well as their participation in the frameworks of the Palestine Liberation Organization and official delegations in appreciation of their struggle and heroic role over the years.


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