Settlers steal olives and cut down dozens of trees in Nablus villages

Settlers stole olives and cut down and broken dozens of trees in several villages and towns in the Nablus Governorate.
Farmer Jabara Saeed said that the settlers stole olives from dozens of trees in the “Jorat Nasr” area, east of the town, near the bypass road, and smashed tree branches while picking them, taking advantage of the citizens’ inability to reach their lands.
Settlers also stole olive harvesting equipment in Yatma town, south of Nablus, belonging to Nasser Sanubar.
In the town of Qaryut, southeast of Nablus, settlers stole the olives, uprooted 12 trees and stole them in the Al-Sira area near the “Esh Kodash” settlement outpost, east of the town.
The citizens caught one of the settlers while he was picking olives, while another settler managed to escape, and the occupation forces arrived at the site and released the settler without taking any measures against him.
These lands are located between three settlement outposts, “Esh Kodesh,” “Ehia” and “Adi Ad.” The owners were able to recover them seven years ago by a judicial decision, after 15 years of confiscation.
In the town of Jalud, south of Nablus, settlers cut down more than 100 olive trees, stole the fruits of a number of trees, and sprayed some trees with chemicals.

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