the oldest of them went on strike for 87 days. 6 prisoners continue their battle for freedom

 the prisoner's club on saturday published recent developments in connection with the strike of six prisoners who refused to be administratively arrested, the oldest of which was prisoner kaid al-fassvos.

the club explained that prisoner kaed al-fasvos has been on hunger strike for 87 days and faces a serious health situation, and was transferred several times by the administration of the occupation prisons to civilian hospitals for occupation, due to an additional serious deterioration in his health.

prisoner mekdad al-qawasmeh continues his strike for the day (80) in a row, and is in the israeli hospital "kaplan" in a serious health situation, according to the prisoner's club, pointing out that the supreme court of occupation issued a decision to freeze his administrative detention, which does not mean abolishing it but the disclaimer of the responsibility of the prison administration and intelligence (shabak) from the fate and life of the prisoner qawasmeh and turning him into an unofficial "prisoner" in the hospital, and will remain under the guard of the "security" of the hospital instead of guarding the jailers, and effectively remains captive, his family cannot transfer him to any place, family members and relatives can visit him like any patient in accordance with hospital laws.

in the context, alaa al-araj continues his strike for the 63rd day, amid a escalating deterioration in his health, and held two court sessions last wednesday and thursday, and therefore the court decided to postpone the decision to suspend his administrative detention until next monday, until he is transferred to the israeli hospital "kaplan", according to the prisoner club.

he added that the prisoner hisham abu hawash continues his hunger strike for the 54th day in a row, and suffers serious health conditions in the prison "ramla clinic", consisting of severe pains throughout his body, increased weight loss and severe chest pain, as he is no longer able to move and vomit continuously after eating water and salt, and refuses to take support and conduct medical examinations.

prisoner raiq basharat continues his strike for the 49th day in a row, and his health is in constant deterioration, suffering from severe pains throughout his body, and still refuses to receive support and vitamins, the club said.

the club added that the prisoner shadi abu aker continues his strike for the 46th day in a row in the prison "ramla clinic", and faces a difficult health situation that worsens over time.

to date, there are no clear serious solutions to ending their administrative detention, and some of the proposals made are only to renew additional periods of their administrative detention.


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