The United States will provide poor countries with an additional half a billion doses of the anti-Covid vaccine

Senior US administration officials announced Wednesday that the United States will purchase an additional 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine against Covid-19 and distribute them to developing countries, bringing to more than 1.1 billion the total number of doses Washington has pledged to provide. .
The same sources said that US President Joe Biden, on the other hand, wants to set an “ambitious goal” that every country, including the poorest, reach “the rate of 70% of the vaccinated population” by a year, during a virtual summit that he will chair during the day.
The sources added that "a huge commitment from the United States, for every dose we gave in this country, we will give three to other countries."
Senior US officials said the vaccines would be purchased at cost and would be transported through the Kovacs International Mechanism.
To date, the United States has sent about 160 million doses to more than 100 countries.
Wednesday's summit will last four hours and will virtually bring together officials from more than 100 countries, according to senior officials, who did not give additional details about the identity of the participants.
According to the "Our World in Data" statistic, for example, 43.5 percent of the world's population has been vaccinated with at least a first dose.
But this figure hides a large disparity, because the percentage reaches only 2% in the poorest countries.
The American sources said that “this summit has the ambition of declaring the beginning of the end of the epidemic,” adding, “and this matter will require a lot of work.”

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