Norwegian leader: We support the boycott of the occupation and the state of Palestine must be recognized

The Red Party's candidate for the Norwegian parliamentary elections, Sahira Aidar, confirmed her support for a boycott of the Israeli occupation.

“It is shameful that an independent state is not recognized for a people with a just cause,” she said, quoting the official Palestinian News Agency, stressing that her party attaches great importance to the Palestinian cause.

Aidar added that boycotting Israel and working to recognize Palestine as an independent state will be a top priority for her party in the Norwegian Parliament, which will hold its elections early next week.

Aidar, who is active in several organizations to boycott Israel and support the Palestinian people, indicated that there is an unprecedented movement in the Norwegian political arena, by the center and left parties towards the Palestinian cause, and the violations that our people are subjected to by the Israeli occupation, and there is an agreement on a unified foreign policy towards The Palestinian cause.

She stressed that taking a serious and strict stance towards the Israeli occupation by Norway and the international community would force it to stop its continuous violations against the Palestinian people, calling on the members of the Palestinian community who have the right to vote to participate and vote for the parties that support their cause.

It is noteworthy that Sahira Aidar is currently working as an advisor to the Red Party in the Norwegian Parliament, and the second candidate on the party's list for Oslo.

The party supports the Palestinian right of return and stands with all forms of boycott of Israel, and one of its most famous members is the Norwegian doctor Madi Gilbert, who is known for his solidarity with our people.

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