A march of old vehicles in Jenin embodying the right of return

Today, Friday, a march to return old vehicles began in the streets of Jenin, its villages and towns.

And 60 old vehicles participated in the march, which started from the Araba roundabout and roamed the streets of her town from the Palestinian Al-Batel Club, raising Palestinian flags and flags with the names of the cities and villages from which they were displaced, emphasizing the right of return, which will not fall by statute of limitations. The people of Jenin camp who were displaced from their villages.

The event’s coordinator, Muhammad Salama from Jenin, and Asim al-Saber from Nablus, said that these buses bear witness to the crime committed against our people, and as an affirmation to the next generation that we and them adhere to the right of return and that our people will continue to struggle until the establishment of their state and the return of refugees.

And they added: “We came from all the governorates of the homeland and from within the lands of the 48th, we affirm the unity of blood and destiny and our adherence to return no matter how long it takes. And we are a people who can adapt to all changes.

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