Corona in the Arab community inside: 14 Deaths and 5 thousand active cases within a week

The total number of new infections with the Corona virus until this morning, Sunday, in Arab towns, not including mixed cities, reached 142,754, while the total number of infections in the country reached 1,046,742.

Arab towns recorded 1075 new injuries during the end of last week, bringing the total number of injured during the past week to 3580, while 59,050 new injuries were recorded during the past week in the country, bringing the percentage of injuries in Arab towns to 6.1% of the total injuries in the country.

The number of active cases in Arab towns rose to 5156 out of a total of 81,890 active cases nationwide, bringing the proportion of active cases in Arab towns out of the total active cases in the country to 6.3%.

There are 17 Arab towns in the red area, which threatens the opening of the new school year as usual, including Fassuta, Jaljulia, Daliyat al-Karmel, Talaat Ara, Iblin, Nahaf, Asfiya, Tamra, Ailaboun, Iksal, Kafr Yasif, Qalansuwa, Basma Taboon, Turan, Al-Faridis and Jisr al-Zarqa, while there are 32 towns in the orange region.

The number of examinations in Arab towns during the past week reached 51,000 out of more than 873 thousand examinations conducted nationwide, bringing the percentage of examinations in Arab towns to 5.9% of the total number of examinations nationwide, bearing in mind that the percentage of positive tests in Arab towns rose to 7% compared to 6.8% in the country's overall average.

Arab towns witnessed a new rise in the number of deaths, reaching 1,124 cases, with 14 deaths recorded during the past week. In contrast, the total deaths in the country reached 6,949, with 174 deaths recorded during the past week.

There was also an increase in the number of serious cases in the Arab towns, reaching 81 cases, of which 20 were subject to artificial respiration devices and 61 were serious. In contrast, the total number of cases subject to artificial respirators in the country reached 139 cases and 526 serious cases.

As for vaccinations, the vaccination rate in Arab towns among middle school students from 12 to 15 years old was 26% for the first meal and 10% for the second, compared to 56% for the first and 42% for the second in the Jewish community; With regard to students of the second stage from the age of 16 to 18 years, the percentage in the Arab community reached 60% for the first cycle and 50% for the second cycle, compared to 79% for the first and 72% for the second in the Jewish community.

As for the rate of vaccination for the third course, the percentage in the general average in the Arab community was only 28%, compared to 59% in the Jewish community.

At the level of Arab towns, low vaccination rates were recorded in the Bedouin towns of the Negev region, as the rate of vaccination for the first batch in the Desert Oasis Regional Council was only 7%, and in the Al-Qusoum Regional Council it was 15%, while it reached 29% in Kusifa, 34% in Hoora and Sheqib al-Salam 40 %, Lakiya 41%, Tel Al-Saba 43% and Ararat Al-Naqab 44%. In the Galilee region, the percentage for the first meal was 32% in Ras al-Ain, 52% in Dhamidah, 53% in Husseiniya, 54% in Arab Al-Naim, and 60% in Al-Aramshe.


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