Tik Tok imposes additional restrictions on its teenage users

"Tik Tok" announced the imposition of additional restrictions on teens, who make up the largest segment of its users, in order to better protect them from the risks associated with the use of social networking sites, such as harassment or lack of sleep.

"We believe it is important to be more proactive to ensure the security of teens," said the platform, which credits its success with the popularity of its short recording format.
Live chat will be automatically disabled for those between 16 and 17 years of age.
Teens will be encouraged to pay more attention to who can view their tapes. Those under the age of 16 will have to choose viewers among their followers.

No notifications will be sent after 9 pm for those between 13 and 15 or 10 pm for those between 16-17 years to ensure that they receive an adequate amount of sleep.
Despite strict child pornography rules, the most popular networks among young people are often accused of not doing enough to protect children from online abuse.
The latter seeks to avoid scandals, as goodwill is very essential to ensuring advertising revenue.
The two giants, Google and Facebook, regularly update their rules for teenagers.
And “Tik Tok” became the most downloaded application in the world in 2020, ahead of “Facebook” and its services, in evidence that the epidemic increased the popularity of this short recording application to exceed the scope of its original audience of young people.


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