"Resistance to the Wall and Settlements": The occupation has delivered 5,820 notices since 2015 to demolish and remove buildings and facilities

"Resistance to the Wall and Settlements": The occupation has delivered 5,820 notices since 2015 to demolish and remove buildings and facilities

The Wall and Settlement Resistance Commission stated, on Saturday, that the occupation authorities have delivered 5,820 notices since 2015 to date, to demolish and remove Palestinian buildings and facilities for citizens, with the aim of besieging Palestinian construction, expansion and natural growth.

In a statement, the Commission stated that most of these notifications were concentrated in Hebron Governorate with 1,584 notifications, followed by Bethlehem Governorate with 735 notifications, and then Ramallah Governorate with 704 notifications.

Muayad Shaaban, head of the authority, said that the occupation authorities use demolition notices as one of the occupation´s means to besiege the Palestinians, and prevent them from development and urban expansion, specifically in classified areas (C), in light of the occupation´s control over planning in those areas, and preventing the Palestinians from their right to prepare plans. Structural structure of the Palestinian villages, and not to approve it if it was presented to them, in order to exploit and develop these areas, which represent 61% of the total area of ​​the West Bank, as the occupying power is trying to keep it in favor of the expansion of settlements, and as a strategic and geographical reserve for them in the future.

Shaaban added that last year set a record in the number of notifications submitted to citizens, as the number of such notifications in all governorates of the West Bank, including Jerusalem, amounted to a total of 1,220 notifications, a significant increase compared to previous years, As the number of notifications that were delivered reached in the previous year, 2021, a total of 875, compared to 736 for the year 2020.


He pointed out that the year 2022 set a new record indicating new policies and new directions of the occupation authorities in dealing with Palestinian construction and the natural growth of Palestinian villages and towns.

He continued: Most of these notifications were concentrated in the governorates of Hebron, with 400 notifications, and the Bethlehem governorate with 225 notifications, while the rest of the notifications were distributed in the governorates of Ramallah, Salfit, and Jericho, with more than 100 notificationseach.

And he indicated that the current dangerous escalation in the implementation of demolitions of facilities and buildings in the Palestinian territories comes as a result of the density of demolition notifications, as the arms of the occupying state, especially with the formation of the extreme right-wing government, seeking to enforce the largest possible number of demolitions, in order to besiege Palestinian construction and natural growth. , displacing the Palestinians, and emptying the land, in favor of controlling it, and turning it into the settlement project.

He said that the displacement and deportation measures taken by the occupation authorities, through which the laws in force in the Palestinian territories before 1967, foremost of which was the Cities, Villages and Buildings Regulation Law No. It is imposed on the Palestinians, and a tool for demolition and siege, through demolition notices, stopping construction and deportation, which are necessarily inconsistent with internationally recognized basic rights, most notably the right to housing, ownership of land, its development and the development of human life on it.

Shaaban warned of the plans of the occupying power at the present time, which seeks to intensify the siege and demolish Palestinian construction in order to empty the Palestinian land, specifically with the dangerous slogans declared by the current fascist government.

He called on the citizens who received this type of notification to go immediately to the Authority´s offices, along with their documents, in order to drop the pretext of occupation, and to protect the Palestinian building in all its locations.