Thousands mourn the bodies of the three martyrs in Jenin

Thousands mourn the bodies of the three martyrs in Jenin

Thousands of  citizens in Jenin, at noon today, Saturday, mourned the bodies of the three martyrs, Yazan Al-Ja´bari, Amjad Khaliliya and Ezzeddin Hamamra, in massive mass rallies led by dozens of gunmen from the Jenin Brigade and the Al- Aqsa Martyrs Brigades.

The funeral procession started from the Martyr Khalil Suleiman Governmental Hospital, then the march roamed the streets of Jenin city and camp, amid patriotic chants condemning the occupation.

Ambulances transported the bodies of the martyrs to their hometowns.

In the town of Jaba, its people went out to participate in the neighboring towns and villages in a massive march that lined the streets of the town, while chanting slogans that promised the continuation of resistance and jihad against the occupation.

Jaba´ march, fighters from the "Jenin" battalion, carried the two martyrs and fired in the air as a tribute, and after their families gave the last farewell look, their burial bodies were placed in the town´s cemetery, in which is a memorial festival was held, during which several words called for unity and close ranks to resist the occupation, and thwart the government´s plans. extreme settlers.

They also denounced the assassination crime that was carried out by the occupation forces and targeted the two martyrs,   calling for national unity and close ranks to continue the path of the martyrs.

In the town of Al-Yamoun, the funeral march turned into an angry march, led by gunmen from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, who roamed with the masses the streets of the town, which witnessed comprehensive national mourning.

After the Al-Ja´bari family farewell to its martyrdom, the march started again in the streets of the town, to the Martyrs´ Cemetery, where his pure body was buried after a memorial festival was held.