22 houses and residences were demolished by the occupation in Bedouin communities last month

22 houses and residences were demolished by the occupation in Bedouin communities last month

The General Supervisor of "Al-Baydar" Organization for the Defense of Bedouin Rights, Attorney Hassan Malihat, confirmed that the Israeli occupation forces demolished 22 homes and residential facilities in Bedouin communities throughout the West Bank, including Jerusalem, during the past month. .

Malehat indicated, in his interview with Al-Quds.com, about a report for the month of January 2023, issued by the Al-Baydar Organization, that in addition to the demolitions, the occupation forces delivered dozens of notices of demolition and eviction in those communities, and the residents were not deterred from the attacks. occupation forces and settlers.

Malihat stressed that the attacks and violations against Bedouin communities are continuing, with the aim of tightening the screws on them to push them to forcibly leave their lands and homes, which calls for urgent international protection for them, and that international responsibility must be assumed to defend and protect them from brutal attacks by the occupation authorities and settler militias.

According to a report issued last month by the "Al-Baydar" organization, the Bedouin communities in Jerusalem were subject to 25 notices of eviction and demolition of their homes and facilities. open to counter that scheme.

In the Nablus Governorate, 8 residential tents and barracks were demolished in the Arab al-Ka´abneh community, east of the village of Duma. The occupation forces also demolished six houses in Masafer Yatta, south of Hebron, and seized tents. A school was approved for demolition, agricultural seedlings were confirmed, vehicles were approved, and houses, residences, and other facilities were notified. In addition to repeated attacks by settlers on citizens, especially shepherds and farmers.

The "Al-Baydar" report dealt with the setting up of provocative tents by settlers on the lands of Arab Al-Rashaida, east of Bethlehem, the construction of a settlement road in the lands of the town of Tuqu´, southeast of Bethlehem, and the notification of the demolition of a residential room in the "Bir Awna"

On the other hand, "Al-Baydar" confirmed that the occupation forces arrested last month 6 citizens from the "Arab Al-Tarifat" community near Jericho, and settlers detained a child from the Arab Al-Ka´abneh Basic School in the Arab Al-Malehat / Al-Maarajat area for a while before handing him over to the Palestinian Liaison later, in addition to attacks carried out by settlers against the Bedouin communities surrounding Jericho and the Jordan Valley, including attacking a girl who was grazing sheep and confiscating 90 sheep for her, they also tried to burn a house in the town of Al-Auja, east of Jericho, belonging to the Hamdan family, and the occupation forces closed a single water line serving the Bedouin community of Ras Al-Ain, west of Al-Auja Last month,the occupation forces demolished 8 houses near the towns of Al-Jiftlik and Al-Dyouk Al-Tahta in Jericho.

On the other hand, "Al-Baydar" Organization confirmed that the occupation forces carried out violations against Bedouin communities in Tubas and the northern Jordan Valley last month, as they closed a dirt road, seized several tractors and agricultural tools, imposed fines for the The release of some of them, and notified the suspension of their work in residential facilities and sheep pens, and notified them of their expulsion. Seven settlers also fenced the land, and assaulted passing families vehicles.