The children´s program "Sesame Street" publishes videos to raise awareness of racism

The children´s program "Sesame Street" publishes videos to raise awareness of racism

Popular children´s television program "Sesame Street" has recently released new videos designed to encourage dialogue about racism with children, bringing together its most famous characters and new dolls representing diversity in the United States.

One of the new videos published on the program’s website on Tuesday, entitled “Explaining Race” (“Explaining the Race”), included two new dolls, one representing an African-American man named Elijah, and the second representing his son Wes, as they talked in the video with the famous Elmo character about Skin color due to melanin as well as the importance of not allowing for differences in appearance makes people forget that they all belong to the same human race.

This video clip, which lasts about three minutes, is part of a new series entitled "The ABCs of Education on Racism", which is shown about a year after widespread protests against racist practices that followed the death of George Floyd, and aims to "provide families with the tools necessary to educate (their children) about Racism and open conversations with young children, "Sesame Workshop, which produces the program, said in a statement.

In another video slated to be released soon, Latino dolls face a racist situation in a grocery store.

"The work to dismantle racism begins with helping children understand what it is and how it hurts and affects people," the statement quoted Sesame Workshop Vice President Kay Wilson Stallings as saying.

Sesame Street began in 1969 and is shown in more than 150 countries, and it is a model for educational programs.