Megan Markle publishes a children´s book

Megan Markle publishes a children´s book

(AFP) After television and cinema, Megan Markle delves into children´s literature through a book on "the special bonds between father and son" inspired by her husband Prince Harry and their son Archie, the couple´s foundation announced.

The book is entitled "The Bench" (The Seat) and will be published on June 8. An Archwell Foundation statement quoted the Duchess of Sussex as saying that it was originally a "poem" she wrote to her husband "on the occasion of Father´s Day, a month after Archie´s birth" in May. / May 2019.

The story is accompanied by an illustration by the black American artist Christian Robinson, "which embodies the warmth, joy and comfort in the relationship between fathers and their children of all social origins," added Markle, who gives birth to her newborn baby next summer.

The former actress in the TV series "Suits", born to a white father and a black mother, confirmed her desire to portray this "special connection from the perspective of inclusiveness."

The statement added that the book deals with "the various faces that love can take" and the way "to express them in a modern family."

The book will be published in the United States by "Random House Children´s Books", in Canada by "Tundra Books", as well as in Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, India and South Africa by "Baffin".

And Prince Harry and Megan Markle announced a year ago that they were withdrawing from the British royal family due to their inability to bear very strict restrictions.

In an interview with American journalist Oprah Winfrey last March, the couple criticized the burden of media pressure and the racism of some members of the royal family, and said that a member of the family, whom he did not name, had expressed "concerns" about the color of the expected child’s complexion during Megan Markle’s pregnancy with their son Archie.

However, they made it clear on the backstage of the interview and away from the camera that the matter was not related to Queen Elizabeth II or to her husband, Prince Philip.

Harry and Meghan are based in California, and they embodied their desire to work for humanitarian causes by establishing their charitable foundation, "Archwell", which is also an audiovisual production organization that signed two lucrative contracts with Netflix and Spotify.

Prince Harry also joined an anti-misinformation committee and accepted a management position at a San Francisco-based training company.