West Bank: 11 detainees at dawn on Thursday

The occupation forces arrested 11 citizens of the West Bank, including an injured person from Jenin, from Wednesday evening until dawn.

According to Al-Asir Club, the occupation arrested the young Adnan Zuhair Maali after the occupation soldiers shot him near the wall area in Zita, Tulkarm district.

The occupation forces also arrested four citizens from the suburb of Fawkia, north of Tulkarm, and they are: Salim Muhammad Dar Omar (21 years old), his brother Wajdi (18 years old), and he was later released, and the Commander of the Brigadier General Abu Haysh (19 years).

Also among the detainees were Sufyan Muhammad Awwad (34 years old), and the young Imran Ali Qabha (24 years old) in the town of Barta'a, Jenin District, as well as Ahmad Hazim Jahalin from Jericho, and Ibrahim Awad al-Najjar (27 years old) from Ramallah.

The occupation forces arrested yesterday evening three young men from the Old City of Jerusalem, after they were severely beaten.

Last night, clashes broke out between the youth and the occupation soldiers in the village of Kafr Qaddum, east of Qalqilya. The Israeli occupation forces stormed the town of Betunia, west of Ramallah, early today.


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