"Health": 17,975 martyrs and more than 51 thousand wounded since the start of the aggression on Gaza and the West Bank.

"Health": 17,975 martyrs and more than 51 thousand wounded since the start of the aggression on Gaza and the West Bank.

The Ministry of Health announced that the number of martyrs has risen to more than 17,975 martyrs, and about 51,300 wounded, the majority of whom are children, the elderly, and women, since the start of the Israeli aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank on October 7 last.

The Ministry of Health said in its report, today, Sunday, that between October 7 and Saturday evening, at least 17,700 citizens were martyred in the Gaza Strip, and more than 48,000 were injured, 70% of whom were children and women, while The number of martyrs in the West Bank, including occupied Jerusalem, rose to 275 martyrs and 3,300 wounded, while thousands are still missing in Gaza.

Violent Israeli bombardment from the air, land and sea continues throughout the Gaza Strip, with the continued ground aggression in the eastern parts of Gaza City, Jabalia, the Nuseirat refugee camp, and the eastern areas of Khan Yunis Governorate.

The Ministry indicated that aid distribution had stopped in most parts of the Gaza Strip due to the Israeli aggression, with Rafah remaining the main area for limited distribution operations.

She pointed out that the Gaza European Hospital in the south suffers from a severe shortage of medicines, blood products, and medical supplies, with strict fuel rationing. The hospital has treated about 1,000 patients, houses 70,000 civilians, and faces difficult conditions.

The occupation forces also continue to besiege Al Awda Hospital in Jabalia for the third day in a row, and two health workers were martyred by their bullets.

The Ministry of Health explained that diseases spread in Gaza include diarrhea, acute respiratory infections, skin infections, and outbreaks of diseases such as hepatitis A, and there have also been significant increases in infectious diseases reported in UNRWA shelters in the south, including diarrhea. Acute respiratory infections and skin infections, and vulnerable groups such as persons with disabilities, the wounded, and pregnant women face difficult shelter conditions.

She stressed that efforts are continuing to vaccinate children, and since the fourth of last November, only 12,000 children have received vaccinations in UNRWA centers.

The Ministry pointed out that estimates indicate that approximately 1.9 million people in Gaza, or approximately 85% of the population, are internally displaced, with approximately 1.2 million registered in 151 UNRWA facilities, including approximately one million in 94 UNRWA shelters in the south. 

She said that the latest updates indicate that more than 60% (nearly 280,000) of housing units have been destroyed, which leads to exacerbation of health vulnerabilities.

She added that settler attacks continue in the West Bank, where 308 incidents have been recorded since October 7, resulting in injuries and damage to the property of Palestinian citizens, and at least 143 Palestinian families, including 1,014 people, have been displaced, including 388 children. , amid the violence of colonialists and restrictions on access.

The Ministry of Health demanded an immediate cessation of the Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and health institutions, appealing to the United Nations, international institutions, and human rights institutions to immediately implement international humanitarian laws that prohibit attacks on hospitals, health centers, ambulances, health teams, and paramedics immediately.

It also called for urgently allowing sufficient humanitarian and health supplies to enter the Gaza Strip, especially medicines, medical supplies, food, dairy, and fuel for electric generators in hospitals, and an immediate halt to the displacement of citizens, stressing the urgent need for immediate support to enhance search and rescue operations.