Tesla has recalled more than 36,000 vehicles in the Chinese market

The China National Market Regulatory Authority, the country's highest quality control body, said that the American electric car manufacturer Tesla launched a large-scale recall campaign for 36,126 "Model S" and "Model" cars. X "four-wheel drive in China, due to potential touch screen malfunction and safety risks.

The authority added in a statement that the recall, which began on February 5, includes 20428 imported Model S cars manufactured between September 18, 2013 and February 20, 2018, in addition to 15,698 imported model X four-wheel drive cars. Manufactured between 12 March 2016 and 16 February 2018.

According to the statement; The security risks involved are caused by the 8 GB eMMC memory cards installed in the aforementioned vehicles, where the memory cards may be corroded, leading to malfunctions in the touch screen, defects in the rear view mirror cameras, defroster control, and directional signals.

The statement added that the manufacturer will upgrade the memory cards in question to another with a capacity of 64 GB for free, in addition to making sure that new copies of the software are installed in the vehicles covered in the recall to eliminate the inherent risks.


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