Gaza health: 400 kidney growers face risk of return to laundry

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

Gaza health warned of the return of 400 kidney growers to kidney dialysis due to lack of immune medications.

Gaza health spokesman Ashraf al-Kable said in a brief statement on Thursday that 400 people in the Gaza Strip were threatened with a return to kidney dialysis because of the lack of immune drugs.

Abdullah al-Qishawi, head of the Industrial College department at Shifa Medical Complex, said that kidney transplant patients suffer from the loss of their medications, especially mycofinolite-mycophenolate immunosuppressive drug, which is essential for all kidney transplant patients to prevent rejection of the kidney by the body, as well as the "Valjean cyclvir" medicine. Valganciclovir "which is taken as a preventive dose against the infection of a virus that can lead to the expulsion of the cultivated kidney.

Qishawi stressed that a rejection of the kidney transplant due to the loss of these medications will return the patient to the dialysis sessions again, which will cause great suffering to the patient and pressure on the crews and medical resources, stressing that these treatments are high cost, and were available in the Gaza Strip only through the Ministry of Health.

He appealed to all relevant authorities to extend a helping hand to these patients and to provide this medicine urgently in order to maintain their health and safety.


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