The occupation arrested 10 citizens during separate raids in the West Bank

Israeli occupation forces arrested 10 palestinians early Tuesday during separate raids in the West Bank.

According to local sources, the Israeli occupation forces arrested three citizens from Tulkarem: Samir Makhlou, Mohammed Abu Khalil and Mohammed Khreyoush.

From Qalqilya, the forces arrested mohammed Saleh Shtiwi, from the village of Kafr Kadum in the east.

From Ramallah, four citizens were arrested from different areas, where the occupation arrested the two young men, Mohammed Munir Nakhla and Daoud Rafik Al-Dabouba, from Jalazone refugee camp in the north, from the village of Beit Laqiya, and from The Kaddoura camp, mohammed al-Salhi was arrested.

Khalil Mohammed al-Sheikh, 22, from the village of Merah Rabah, south of Bethlehem, was arrested by the israeli occupation.
Mohammed Adwan was arrested during a raid on his family's home in the al-Project area of the occupied Jerusalem town of Ezeriya.

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