63 women have been arrested by the occupation since the start of the "Corona" crisis in early March

The specialist in prisoner issues, Abdel Nasser Farwana, said that the Israeli occupation has arrested 63 girls and women since the start of the Corona crisis in the region, indicating that most of them were released after being arrested for a few days and weeks. The rest joined the female prisoners detained before the "Corona" crisis, bringing the total number of female prisoners currently in the occupation's prisons to about (41) female prisoners, including mothers, female patients, and two prisoners from the Gaza Strip.

Farwana added in a statement today, Wednesday, that the occupation authorities did not take into account the ages of the prisoners and their special needs, and did not provide them with the minimum elements of prevention and safety measures in the prisons and interrogation centers where women are being held, and did not take into account the presence of patients and wounded among them, indicating that the administration Prisons did not address the problem of overcrowding and did not reduce the level of friction and contact, in order to protect them from infection with corona, especially in light of the increase in HIV infections among the male and female guards, which threatens the health situation of the female prisoners and the possibility of some of them being infected with Corona.

Farwana explained that the prison administration has taken limited measures, inside the women's prison, after a period of "Corona" outbreak in the region, and the infection of many male and female guards, but these measures are insufficient and do not constitute a real protection for the prisoners from the risk of infection with the virus, and allowed family visits to each other at varying periods. However, female prisoners were not allowed to communicate with families through alternative means at a time of disruption and irregular visits during the "Corona" crisis.


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