Gaza: Extending the closure of schools and universities and new steps to prevent the spread of "Corona"

Mohamed Awad, Chairman of the Governmental Follow-up Committee in the Gaza Strip, announced today, Tuesday, the continuation of the suspension of studies in schools, universities and institutes until further notice, as part of the steps taken to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

This came in a press conference during the daily briefing presented on the developments of the Corona virus.

Awad said: These and other measures that may be taken later are aimed at avoiding any missed opportunity in the coming stage, noting that the committee works day and night, and in contact with the Palestinian people, to confront this epidemic at this stage.

Awad pointed out that the government committee in Gaza provided more than $ 5 million to support the detainees and their hosts in more than 35 centers between a school, a hotel, a clinic, and an institution, even within the framework of some of the housing hosts in which they are hosted.

He indicated that the Ministry of Health continues to follow up on the health conditions of all the hosts, and provide them with the necessary service, noting that the case of the ten wounded in Gaza is good and stable.

He confirmed the availability of strategic stocks for basic commodities, noting that a series of measures were taken against the monopolists according to the law, and steps were taken to ensure the flow of these locally produced commodities with the aim of strengthening the strategic stocks.

The government official in Gaza called on citizens not to store goods and materials except for need.

He stated that an urgent relief amount of one million dollars has been allocated to 10,000 families with limited daily income affected by the current procedures, and that it will be spent in coordination between the Ministry of Social Development and the competent authorities.

It was decided to spend an amount of one million shekels in donations from the dues of government employees in Gaza in favor of the "one family" initiative on which a segment of employees is based to distribute it to poor families who do not benefit from other grants.

He pointed out that the relevant authorities, especially the Staff Bureau, were urgently instructed to start procedures for accommodating new cadres to the Ministry of Health in Gaza, noting that 309 medical staff, including 90 doctors, will be accommodated.

Awad pointed out that the salaries of employees in Gaza will be disbursed on the second of next month with strict measures to prevent gathering, through the ministries of all employees in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, pointing out that the number of exchange days for the Qatari grant and others will be increased to avoid crowding and prevent health errors that cost society a lot.

He explained that the Ministry of Development will distribute in-kind assistance to the families of the quarantined.

Awad stressed that government agencies, especially the Ministry of Health, need all possible support from inside and outside to face any difficult moment in light of this epidemic, noting that health is facing an acute shortage of many capabilities and requirements.

He also confirmed that the Turkish hospital in Gaza has been prepared and allocated for facing the virus at the present time.

He called on citizens to be more patient in the face of the current preventive measures, which he described as "difficult and painful, but important to protect citizens", noting that more difficult steps may be taken to prevent the spread of a virus whose conditions change from time to time.

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