Gaza: Palestinian inspires China´s experience by creating a protective uniform against Corona

A Palestinian from the Gaza Strip was inspired by China's experience in fighting the Corona Virus (Covid-19), by making protective clothing to protect against the spreading virus.

In his thirties, Hassan Alwan, a resident of the northern Gaza Strip town of Beit Lahiya, produced the first batch of protective suits in accordance with high-quality Chinese industry standards.

A small factory, initially owned by Alwan, is working on producing about 500 protective suits on a daily basis, to pump it into the local markets of the sector, especially security and health personnel, journalists and other residents who are forced out of their homes on a daily basis.

Alwan, who has lived more than 13 years in China, says the idea started with him after the Gaza Ministry of Health announced precautionary measures against the outbreak of the Corona virus, with the aim of contributing to reducing the epidemic.

He notes that the Chinese were wearing protective clothing all the time in the streets, especially security men and doctors, which contributed to reducing their infection with the virus, as they contact with patients most of the time.

He explains that he tried to import the protection allowance from the country of origin (China), but the conditions that the world is going through prevented this, which made him ask his friends in China to send the specifications and standards through which protective suits, hand gloves and gags are manufactured.

Alwan, in his industry, depends on protective clothing, on the waterproofing cloth to avoid any entry into the body, as well as sterilize it completely before using it from customers.

Once Alwan finished manufacturing the suit, she was subjected to the necessary laboratory tests to ensure its suitability for use, according to Alwan, who notes that the results of the examination were positive for the benefit of his product.

Alwan expresses his praise for China, its people and its leadership, and says, "My Chinese friends have not hesitated to give me all the necessary information and sound methods for making protective suits without any compensation."

The production of the protection allowance has expanded to include four other factories, one of which is a (grain) textile and dyeing plant whose owner Saeed Pills reports that the new production provided employment opportunities for more than 50 workers who had been unemployed for several years.

Grains, who is in his thirties, says: The Israeli siege has led to a deterioration of the economic situation, the majority of factories stopped working, and an industry instead of a protective device contributed to dozens of job opportunities.

"We live in an emergency, everyone works not only for money, but also to protect ourselves and our families from a grave danger that could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe in the sector" in the event of an epidemic.

Israel has imposed a tight blockade on the Gaza Strip, which has a population of nearly 2 million people, since the takeover of Hamas in 2007.

The Israeli blockade led to a significant deterioration of economic conditions in the sector, high rates of unemployment and poverty for record proportions, and the majority of the population lived below the poverty line.

Workers take turns 24 hours a day to produce a greater number of protective products for customers, including Hussein Abu Aqlin, a resident of the town of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip, who is the father of two children.

"We work around the clock and compete against time so that we can produce the largest amount of protective suits," said Abu Aqlin.

He adds that production contributed to providing an adequate income to support his family, after he had to remain unemployed for years.

He points to the necessity to follow the Chinese approach in order to ensure the victory of the Palestinian people against the Corona virus, as China has done with the will of its people and their commitment to governmental instructions.

The total number of people infected with Coronavirus in the West Bank reached 60, 37 in the West Bank and two in the Gaza Strip, while 16 cases were declared cured.


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