A German delegation visits Balata camp

visited the Balata camp today, Wednesday, a German delegation that included the official of the German Relief Agency file in the German Foreign Ministry, and the second secretary of the German Representative Office for Humanitarian Aid, accompanied by the Director of the region in "UNRWA" Hanadi Jaber, and officials of the Nursing and Affairs Departments Social.

The delegation was received by the head of the services committee, Imad Zaki Al Tirawi, and member of the committee Ibrahim Saqr.

Al-Tirawi provided a full explanation of the poor economic, social, health and educational conditions in the camp, and the daily practices of its residents.

He pointed out that the agency's curtailments constitute another obstacle to the difficult situation that the refugees are suffering in the camp, calling for support to the camps and pressure on the agency to stop the curtailments, and increase projects and financial support to get out of the current crisis.

Saqer, for his part, stressed the necessity of pressuring the UNRWA to withdraw the restrictions related to the programs and projects offered by the UNRWA and the policy it pursues towards the general refugees.

For its part, the official of the agency's file at the German Foreign Ministry confirmed that she will work hard to deliver the message and convey the facts that she saw on the ground and will make all efforts to improve the situation.


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