The March of Return Marches: Israel prevented international activists from reaching Gaza

The Return Marching Corps in Gaza today expressed its solidarity with international activists, saying that Israel arrested them while trying three days ago to reach the Strip as part of the international campaign activity, Gaza 2020, to break the siege.

In a statement, the commission stated that the detainees are European activists, including Anna Cantula, a member of the Finnish Parliament, Lisa Dushek, member of the Austrian Economic Parliament, and anti-Zionist Jewish activist Nita Golan, in addition to other human rights activists.

According to the commission, the Israeli authorities arrested the activists, confiscated their passports and phones, and interrogated them, in the Shin Bet security service and the anti-terror unit, in preparation for their deportation to their country by force.

The panel saluted activists "in solidarity with justice and humanity (who) stand against occupation, blockade and racial discrimination", calling on international humanitarian institutions to protect foreign solidarity from the "oppression" of Israel.

The commission also called for "foreign solidarity and humanitarian and human rights institutions to continue organizing international campaigns to break the unjust blockade of the Gaza Strip from land and sea and challenge the occupation's racist policies."

Israel has imposed a tight blockade on the Gaza Strip since 2007, after the Islamist group Hamas seized control of conditions in the territory by force.


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