Rains flood the streets of the Gaza Strip

The heavy rain water that fell on Gaza today, Saturday, drowned streets in the Strip, including Ahmed Abdel Aziz Street in the center of Gaza City, which hindered the movement of citizens and vehicles.

Palestine is currently affected by an air depression, as the rains began to separate sporadically since Saturday afternoon, and it is expected that it will continue during the coming hours and night.

In the meantime, the Civil Defense Authority in the Gaza Strip circulated today, Saturday, important advice to citizens, during the air depression in which Palestine is affected at the present time.

The Civil Defense said in a press statement: "Dear citizen, avoid leaving the home and make sure that your children stay at home in order to avoid any risk of such conditions."

He added: "Dear citizen, do not try to touch or move falling objects and hanging electrical wires, be careful and try to move to safer areas to avoid the possibility of torrents forming in low areas..Dear citizen, do not approach the poles of electricity in the stormy weather, and beware of going To the seashore due to the tidal conditions, especially the sea tongues in the Gaza port.

To that, the Traffic Police Department issued in the Gaza Strip Saturday, an important notice to drivers due to the intensification of the air depression.

In a brief statement, the traffic police said: "The country is exposed to a wave of cold, wind and rain, so road users must proceed with caution."

And the traffic stressed, the necessity to keep the lighting of lamps to clear the vision, as well as inspect the work of the spaces and the lack of speed.


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