She was shot by a sniper at the return marches. The girl Abu Rouida is dreaming of her eye back!

May Abu Ruweida, a resident of Al-Maghazi refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip, did not know that her participation in the return marches and breaking the siege, the first of Friday, on the Gaza border, will probably be the last after she lost her right eye as a result of the deliberate injury of a sniper from the occupation.

Doctors at Al-Ayoun Hospital in Al-Nasr neighborhood in Gaza City found no solution but to have surgery for the 22-year-old to remove the eye after the bullet caused her to leave her place, in an operation that lasted about two hours that passed the family of the girl, who lived through difficult times for fear of  negative impact in the future on her condition.

The girl, Mai Abu Rouida, said that the Israeli soldier sniper deliberately "woke up" her eye by hitting her directly, noting that the soldiers deliberately fired gas canisters at a number of girls and young men who were next to each other.

She noted that they then walked away from the place, and when she was standing with her friends, she was surprised by something that had hit her and that she had fallen to the ground, noting that she was surprised by the blood from her right eye, which later turned out to have been hit by a rubber-coated metal bullet.

She explained that she was transferred to the field hospital east of Al-Bureij camp, and then transferred to al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, where doctors had to take her to the Eye Hospital in Gaza City, and after an eye image she was given an operation.
She called for cases against the Israeli occupation because of its repeated targeting of peaceful demonstrators on the border, adding: "We participated in a peaceful march, we have no weapon, nothing, and yet we are being deliberately shot."

She pointed out that she had been participating in the return marches since the beginning, pointing out that the occupation deliberately targets demonstrators with live bullets and others in order to prevent them from returning to participate in those marches, which demand the right of Gazans to lift the siege and achieve their just demands. As she said.

She appealed to President Mahmoud Abbas to work to provide her with appropriate treatment through corneal implants so that she could live like the other girls. "I dream that I will come back and see my cornea and give me treatment," she said.

For his part, her father Suleiman Abu Ruweida said that his daughter used to participate in the marches because she feels that this participation contributes to the struggle against the occupation, and her desire to live like the rest of the free peoples and defend their homeland.

He noted that his daughter was enthusiastic and courageous and that she was constantly peacefully engaged with her friends and raised the palestinian flag in which she was very proud. "This is an abhorrent occupation that fights unarmed people, and my daughter had nothing with her," he said.

He said that when he received the news of her injury, he was at home and was rushed to the hospital to follow up on her condition, noting that his daughter suffered a broken jaw and problems with the eyelid after the injury.
When she entered the operating room, he said, he was very concerned about the health of his daughter, indicating that she needed full medical care.

He appealed to the responsible and competent authorities to assume their responsibilities and carry out their duty towards his daughter May, and to provide them with the services available to them in order to return to normal, appealing to all living consciences to stand by his daughter and help her overcome the current circumstances.

Medical personnel dealt with 37 different injuries (including 4 live bullets and 10 rubber-coated metal bullets), including 10 children injured in the israeli occupation forces' attack on peaceful participants on friday 83 of the march of return and breaking the siege in the eastern Gaza Strip.

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