A new way to detect sexual harassment in hotels

Washington _ Agencies

Some American hotels have decided to combat sexual harassment by hotel workers, to protect themselves, through a small device that contains panic.

Several large hotels in the United States, such as "Marriott International " and "Hilton ", made a decision to provide its employees with a small device with a panic button, according to the Sky News Arabic channel.

Although many workers have been harassed for their presence in the rooms with the inmates alone, the hotel sector has resisted this idea for years, but recently decided to provide this device after considerable pressure from trade unions and rights advocates.

She noted that trade unions had begun to put pressure on these hotels after the spread of the "Mai Tu" movement on social media sites.

Catherine Lugar, the executive president of the American Hotels Association, stressed that protecting its staff and inmates is critical.

Executive heads at Marriott Hotels and Hilton have pledged to distribute the equipment to staff at all their hotels in the United States by 2020.

The cost of these devices will affect tens of thousands of workers, he said, noting that they are expected to be distributed in the coming years.

The hotel group "Hyatt " stated that it owns these devices in 120 of its hotels in North and South America, indicating that it plans to distribute them in all hotels owned or operated by them.

She pointed out that the employees of the hotels "Marriott " demanded better protection of them from sexual harassment.


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