The British Labor Party holds its convention at the height of the Brexit crisis

 A deeply divided British Labor Party will begin a difficult conference on Sunday with its leader Jeremy Corbin, who is under pressure from senior figures to adopt a position in favor of the United Kingdom staying in the European Union. While the Brexit date is approaching.

Britain's biggest opposition party will discuss until Wednesday issues on the left, such as a four-day working week without pay changes, abolishing private schools and balancing carbon emissions by 2030, to outline his campaign in legislative elections.

But the big issue remains Brexit, on which the party's 1,200 delegates will vote on Monday.

The Labor Party's position is unclear between conservative British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who wants Brexit to be completed at all costs on October 31, and the centrist Liberal Democratic Party, which simply wants to remain in the EU without a new referendum.

In an article published this week in The Guardian, Jeremy Corbin argues that if Labor takes office, a referendum will be held to choose between a "credible offer" to exit the EU, with an agreement providing for a "new customs union" and guarantees on social rights and the environment, On the other hand, "stay" in the Union.

Corbin, who has led the party since 2015, said only: "The British people will make the final decision."

Corbin, 70, a skeptic about the viability of European unity and a more left-wing stance than his predecessors, was a strong advocate of staying in the union during the June 2016 referendum, in which 52 percent of voters voted to leave the EU.

Party leaders led by its vice president, Tom Watson, are making efforts for workers to take a pro-stay stance in the EU.

Watson recently called on the Labor Party to "unequivocally support" staying in the European Union in a new referendum calling for it to be held before the general election, which is likely due to the political crisis in the UK over Brexit.

Watson recently escaped an attempt to remove him from some of Corbin's associates, who said through the BBC: "Intervened and it didn't happen."

Labor Party's Brexit official Kerr Starmer, who had been skeptical about a year ago for a second referendum, said on Saturday he would campaign "for survival" in the European Union.

The conference is being held as the percentage of those who trust the party leader has fallen to the lowest level recorded by an opposition leader in the United Kingdom, according to an Ipsos poll released Friday. Seventy-six percent of those surveyed said they were not satisfied with its performance.

But Kiran Bidley, director of research at Ipsos Mori, said Corbin had improved the situation during the 2017 legislative election campaign, saying he would be able to do so again.

Labor voters, one in two, trust Jeremy Corbin to make decisions about Brexit, according to a YouGov poll published in early September.

In studies on voting intentions for possible early elections, Labor will get 24.5 percent of the vote, a 10-point difference from the Conservatives (35.5 percent), according to figures from the London School of Economics, which at the same time indicate volatility. Voters.

A poll for the Obsession / Observer gave 15 points to the Conservatives (37% versus 22% for the workers). Only 31% of the respondents considered the workers' attitudes clear, almost twice as low as the Conservatives (58%).

Sara Hubbult, a political science professor at the same university, said the Conservatives' progress explains the decline of Europe's skeptical Brexit Nigel Farage since Boris Johnson came to power as the prime minister "takes a clear position on Brexit," while workers and liberals share the voters who favor staying In the Union.

A critical issue such as Brexit "requires a clear stance," she said, considering Corbin's strategy "dangerous."

The conference ends Wednesday with a speech by Corinne.


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