Chinese Ali Bay launches e-marriage certification service

Ali Bay, a third-party payment platform, has launched an electronic marriage certification service in five district-level departments.

Users in different regions of China will be able to apply for e-certification on local government mini-programs in the Ali Bai application.

The marriage certificate is a valid legal document with many functions in China, in addition to proving the legality of marriage, and is also used to obtain home purchase loans, birth registration, transfer of ownership and education of children.

Couples often forget to carry a marriage certificate with them when needed, so the digital version can work as an easy and convenient alternative.

The mini-program can also provide other marriage services such as booking marriage registration dates or verifying marriage information.

Ali Bay has been cooperating with local governments in e-certification over the years, and users can apply for more than 90 types of e-certification via the platform such as e-social security cards, driver's licenses and student ID cards, according to company data.


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