Toyota intends to produce a hybrid race car

Japanese automaker Toyota has confirmed plans to produce a hybrid race car and hopes to take part in the new Le Mans 24 hours race, will produce its new race car, which will produce at least 20 cars in two years.

The Toyota Motor JR Super Sport will represent the Japanese company in this new category of cars and will replace the current category and the shares of "LMP1." Toyota unveiled its new prototype for the new car at the Tokyo International Motor Show in 2018 and was powered by a 986 horsepower twin turbo engine. But rules governing race cars require that the engine does not exceed 750 horsepower, the weight of about 2425 pounds. At the same time, the electric motor of a race car must not exceed 200 kW, and must be in the same place as the engine in the corresponding car on the road, or on the front axle of cars that have no equivalent on normal roads .

Although many details of the JR Super Sport design are still associated with the test model, the traditional side mirror is expected to be found on the front fenders. Several design features were also cited from the TZ Ziers Five Zero.

The last time Toyota developed a race car for the Le Mans race was in 1998 when it took part in the TS Zero to Zero GT-One. The car was powered by a turbocharged capacity of 3.6 liters and a 600-strong force with a six-speed transmission.

The Toyota JR Super Sport is expected to start production sometime in the year ahead of the start of the 2020 Le Mans race with a two-year production.


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