A famous Ameraka actress died

California _ Agencies

The famous American actress Vanessa Marquez was shot dead by police in California after she had a fake gun in their faces. "

Vanessa Marquez, who entered the spotlight last year when she said George Clooney helped to get her on a black list in Hollywood, died in hospital after police fired at her apartment in South Pasadena outside of Los Angeles, according to the "Ashtaid Press", Saturday.

South Pasadena police responded to a phone call from the Marquis owner, saying that they needed medical help.

The officer, Joe Mendoza, of the city police, Friday, said that when they arrived she was suffering from an epileptic seizure.

The 49-year-ago medics who improved and started talking to three officers and a psychiatrist spent an hour trying to persuade her to receive medical help, Mendoza said.

Later the Marquis became uncooperative, and began to be unable to take care of herself and had mental health problems, according to Mendoza.

At some point, Mendoza said that the marquis had obtained what was later found to be a false pistol, which he had known in the faces of police officers, prompting two of them to shoot at them.

"It sounded like a real pistol," the officer added, adding that it was unclear where the weapon was hidden during its lengthy interaction with the police.

Police officers were wearing physical cameras, but the footage would not be disclosed for at least six months, pending investigation, he said.



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