Ashrawi: US attempts to liquidate the Palestinian cause will fail

The failure of the administration's attempts to ignore the political and legal dimension of the Palestinian cause and the marketing attempt of economic prosperity under the occupation as an alternative to a political solution acceptable to the Palestinians,

In a statement during a meeting in Ramallah, a member of the German Social-Christian Party, a member of the Bundestag Foreign Affairs Committee, Christian Schmidt, and a representative of Germany to Palestine, Christian Klages, Ashrawi pointed out "the serious repercussions of the irresponsible and hostile decisions of the American administration and its team in the Middle East, The most extreme elements in the Israeli right. "

She stressed "Germany's positive and leading role in the European Union, to ensure that the European Union maintains a policy consistent with international law."

According to the statement, the two sides agreed on the need to fight the policies of the extreme right and fundamentalism that exploit fear and racism to spread hatred and tension in the world.

Ashrawi stressed the importance of distinguishing between hate speech and legitimate criticism of gross violations of international law and human rights, including systematic and systematic violations by Israel of the Palestinian people.

"The criminalization of legitimate popular and peaceful struggle, including boycotting, divesting and punishing Israel, violates the right of individuals, groups and companies to exercise their rights and convictions and defend the principles enshrined in international law and universal human rights principles."

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