Aghwar .. The occupation demolishes housing and agricultural facilities in the "iron"

The Israeli occupation forces demolished on Thursday residential and agricultural facilities in Al-Hadidiya area in the northern Jordan Valley.

The field coordinator for the Jordan Valley in Tubas governorate, Omar Fakha, said in a press statement that the occupation forces demolished two tents and three barks for livestock, belonging to Najah Ali Kaabneh.

He added that the occupation took over the rubble of the facilities after the completion of the demolition.

The Israeli occupation forces raided the village of Al-Ras al-Ahmar in the northern Jordan Valley, east of Jerusalem, and demolished two tents and a livestock store belonging to Jihad Bani 'Odeh.

It is noteworthy that the residents of the Jordan Valley are under intense pressure from the occupation forces to force them to leave their areas and evacuate them in favor of Israeli aspirations in the region.

The occupation forces have tightened their grip on the Palestinians in the Jordan Valley, condemning them their normal lives on their land.

It is worth noting that international and humanitarian institutions consider the continuation of the occupation to target the Palestinians in the Jordan Valley region, whether by confiscations, demolitions or evictions under the pretext of military exercises, as part of targeting the region and pressing its inhabants to evacuate it as a vital and strategic area at the agricultural and military levels.

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