An Israeli court approves the demolition of dozens of houses in Jerusalem

The Israeli court in Jerusalem rejected an appeal by Palestinian families living in East Jerusalem to prevent the demolition of their partially built homes on the land of the "Peace Forest".

The court has allowed the demolition of hundreds of Palestinian homes on the grounds that they are partly built on land that the Elad settlement group is seeking to build Jewish tourism projects, the newspaper Haaretz reported Sunday.

The newspaper noted that these projects will be part of the development of the "Forest of Peace" in accordance with the municipality of occupation in occupied Jerusalem.

She reported that there were about 60 homes in the area, which is located near the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem, where more than 500 Palestinians live.

The area is located between the towns of Silwan and Abu Tor, where these houses were built without official building permits by the municipality of the occupation, due to the difficulty of obtaining them. Where residents were forced to build without the necessary permits.

In 2008, a plan was rejected by the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem to rebuild the area with the aim of ending the illegal construction issue, under the pretext that there will be tourist projects on this area.

"Israel" occupied the eastern part of Jerusalem in the 1967 war, and considers the entire city as its capital. Palestinians demand the eastern part of Jerusalem as the capital of their future state. While the 1993 agreements provide for the negotiation of the status of the city at the last stage of the peace process between the parties.

The international community does not recognize the sovereignty of Israel over Jerusalem, and the majority of States retain their embassies in Tel Aviv,

Since 1967, Israel has built dozens of settlements in the eastern part of Jerusalem for some 200,000 Jewish settlers. These settlements are illegal under international law, despite Israel's objection.

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