UN: About 70,000 people have been displaced by violence in Burkina Faso

 About 70,000 people have been displaced in Burkina Faso over the past two months, following an upsurge in attacks by Islamist militants as well as local violence, the United Nations said Tuesday.

The Central Emergency Response Fund said more than 100,000 people had fled their homes in East, Noord, Central Noord and Sahel.

The Fund added that armed attacks also forced more than 1,100 schools to close, depriving some 150,000 children of education.

The Fund explained that some 120,000 citizens lack medical care, where health centers have been closed in areas affected by violence or begun to provide minimal services.

Attacks by Islamic militants have escalated in Burkina Faso, which borders the Sahel in the north, which includes Mali and Niger.

In other areas, clashes between sheep herders and farmers have led to the displacement of the population.

Burkina Faso, with a population of about 20 million, is among the world's 10 poorest countries, according to UN data.


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