The occupation prevents a Palestinian born in Gaza from visiting his dying mother in Nablus

The Israeli occupation prevented a Palestinian citizen of the Gaza Strip from entering the West Bank to visit his mother, who is dying in a hospital in Nablus because of pancreatic cancer and a stroke.

According to a local newspaper, the Doctor Awni Abu Rajila, who lives in Florida, has not seen his mother for 12 years and has been in Jordan for 12 days, waiting for Israel's consent to be allowed to enter.

The newspaper's website noted that his wife, Dr. Sawsan Rashid, who holds American citizenship with two of her daughters entered the bank recently, and applied to allow her husband to enter Nablus in mid-February/February, and returned again on 20 of the same month to submit another request after the delay of the reply, but on Monday the Last, the family received a notice of rejection on the basis of an order by the security officer for Gaza.

Although the Office of the Coordinator of Government activities was informed that he had been informed of his permission on Monday, it was found that the application had only been made to computers on Tuesday evening and was still being processed, at a time when the condition of the doctor's mother was deteriorating.

The Office of the Coordinator of activities alleges that there was an imbalance in demand and that Abu Rajila's mother arrived in the West Bank in 2011 for a treatment trip and did not return to Gaza. Her family says that she does not return for difficult health reasons she still suffers.

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