149 human rights organizations call for an end to the occupation´s violations against prisoners

149 Arab and international human rights organizations have called on international bodies concerned with human rights to "stop the massacre of Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the Israeli occupation and apartheid."

This came in an appeal made by human rights organizations, at the initiative of the International Committee of Solidarity with Prisoners in Israeli Occupation Prisons, today, Thursday, to international bodies concerned with human and peoples' rights.

Human rights organizations expressed their condemnation of the murder of the Palestinian prisoner-martyr Nasser Abu Hamid behind the iron bars of racism, which opens the page of the fate that Israel prepares for Palestinian prisoners in general and for the sick among them in particular, after it hit explained all records in crime against the Palestinian people since the Nakba in 1948.

She said that "these practices exceeded the limits of imagination, in addition to being unique globally in holding the bodies of many Palestinians whom you kill in order to torture and humiliate" their families, they continue to torture sick prisoners until their death, and this shameful silence of the world encourages them to continue their barbarism.”

The signatories to the appeal stated that the saga of the captive martyr Nasser Abu Hamid is one of the clearest examples of the Israeli culture of racial savagery, as he is from a Palestinian family known for its patriotism and sacrifices, as he and his four Brothers were sentenced to life and imprisonment, while his fifth brother Abdel Moneim was killed by the bullets of the occupation and suffered from cancer. He is in captivity amidst physical torture by the prison administration, a practice that has become known to everyone who pays attention to the suffering of the Palestinian people.

 She indicated that "the occupation and apartheid authorities caused his dangerous health condition and killed him by preventing any medical treatment for him, and he entered a coma and deprived his family of seeing him, and today she keeps his body and refuses to hand it over." to them, which raised the number of martyrs of the captive movement to 233 martyrs a year ago.” 1967, including 74 martyrs who died as a result of the crime of medical negligence (slow killing).

It warned that all prisoners, especially those with incurable diseases, are subject to the same fate, and the signatory human rights organizations appealed to the free people of the world and the international bodies concerned with human rights and international humanitarian law concerned with protecting prisoners and the civilian population under occupation, specifically the International Committee of the Red Cross, to stop this massacre that has been going on for 74 years. .  

And it called for "expressing in a clearer, braver and more sincere way its denunciation of these crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli authorities occupation and apartheid against prisoners, which constitute a gross violation of all the rules and norms of international human rights law and international humanitarian law, especially the Third Geneva Convention of 1949 concerned with the protection of prisoners of war.” , and the United Nations Convention against Torture of 1984, calling on them to prosecute Israeli officials for their commission of war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture, terrorism and apartheid, before the competent international judiciary, where it is not permissible at all for these bodies to evade their responsibility, which justifies their existence in the first place. .

The signatory organizations also called for the formation of an international fact-finding committee to open an urgent investigation into the circumstances of the death of the prisoner Abu Hamid, and to announce its results, so that those responsible for these crimes committed against the prisoners will be held accountable, explaining that the Israeli officials remaining unpunished for the crimes they commit constitutes a disgrace. For everyone who evades relief from the Palestinian prisoners in the prisons of the Israeli occupation and apartheid state.

Human rights organizations also called on all international bodies concerned with human rights to work for the immediate release of the bodies of Palestinian martyrs, which are being held by the Israeli occupation and apartheid authorities.

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