Hebrew channel: Israel postpones the move to implement its decision regarding the entry of foreigners into the West Bank

Hebrew Channel 13 reported this afternoon, Wednesday, that Israel decided to postpone the implementation of its decision regarding the entry of foreigners into the West Bank for a period of two months, during which the announced procedures will be reviewed in this regard.

According to the Hebrew channel, this came at the request of the US administration in light of President Joe Biden's visit to the region next month.

She indicated that the decision was taken after a contact took place between Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz and US officials who strongly criticized some of the provisions of the Israeli decision.

During the past weeks, the Americans expressed their strong dissatisfaction with this step because it also harms the academics who hold American citizenship who wish to enter the West Bank areas.

A few days ago, human rights organizations and those affected submitted a petition against the announced measure by the Israeli army to prevent foreigners from entering the West Bank except under conditions described as complex. 

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