Al-Hedmi: The occupation has demolished more than 91 buildings in Jerusalem since the beginning of the year

Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Fadi al-Hadmi said today, Tuesday, that the Israeli occupation has demolished more than 91 buildings in the occupied capital since the beginning of this year.

During his meeting with the non-resident Singaporean ambassador to Palestine, Hawazi Daeby, Al-Hedmi pointed to the escalation of demolitions and settlements in the Holy City, pointing out that the occupation uses its internal crisis as a cover to deepen the Judaization of the occupied city of Jerusalem .

Al-Hadmi pointed to the decision of the Israeli occupation municipality to approve the detailed structural plan to transform the Friday market and parts of the Yusufiya cemetery in the eastern corner of the Old City into a tourist park.

The Minister of Jerusalem Affairs said that the decision came after the Israeli Supreme Court gave the green light to establish the cable car on the occupied lands, which would change the city's authentic Arab face and try to hit the commercial sector in the Old City.

Al-Hedmi said: The occupation authorities are escalating their hostility in Al-Aqsa Mosque by intensifying incursions and allowing the performance of Talmudic rituals and raising Israeli flags in the mosque, in a flagrant and explicit violation of the historical and legal situation in Al-Aqsa Mosque, referring to the escalation of arrests against Jerusalemites, especially children.


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