Photo: Japanese medicines grant begins to arrive in Gaza

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GAZA--The Palestinian health Ministry on Sunday confirmed the arrival of the first batch of medical drugs as part of a donation by the Japanese government.

At a press conference, the Director-General of the Ministry's international cooperation, Ashraf Abu Mahadi, said that Japan has many contributions to support the health sector, the latest of which was the opening of the early detection unit for breast cancer several months ago, the equipping of al-Shifa medical complex and the Department of Medical Waste in the ministry.

Abu Mahadi stressed the deep friendship between the Japanese and Palestinian people, thanking the Japanese embassy and the Jica Foundation for their great efforts in supporting the health sector and meeting humanitarian needs.

The next project, to be funded by Japan, is to rehabilitate and support the wounded of the return marches, he said.

A representative of the Japanese ambassador said the grant was a donation of $1 million from the government and the Japanese people.

"Gaza and Japan have the same spirit that is designed to return everything from ashes and face odds in the spirit of not surrendering," she added.

She noted that Japan attaches great importance to supporting the health sector in Gaza to overcome the problem of severe and acute shortages of medical supplies and medicines, especially after the growing number of injured during the return marches.

She stressed that Japan continues to stand by the Palestinian people in Gaza in all situations and times



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