“Shams”: 138 facilities targeted by the occupation during the month of August

 The Center for Human Rights and Democracy Media “Shams” said that 138 Palestinian-owned facilities were targeted by the occupation during the month of August 2021 with demolition, confiscation, seizure and delivery of notifications.
This came in the monthly observatory report issued by the “Shams” Center on demolitions, confiscations, seizures and notifications against Palestinian facilities, whether religious, tourist, industrial, commercial, educational, official or agricultural, with a focus on residential ones.
The most prominent violations were concentrated in the demolitions of (106) facilities, (21) of which the owners were forced to self-demolish them under threat of fines and imprisonment.
As for the notifications, the occupation forces have notified (32) establishments of demolition or suspension of work, most of which are residential, in addition to livestock and poultry pens, and warehouses.
The first indicator focused on the distribution of facilities that were targeted for demolition, confiscation or notifications according to their type, which included this month: house dwellings (54) facilities, tent dwellings (8) facilities, barracks dwellings (2) facilities, residential rooms (4) facilities, Agricultural rooms (3) facilities, wells, ponds and water lines (3) facilities, commercial facilities (21) facilities, barns and livestock sheds (22) facilities, warehouses (2), retaining walls and fences (3), mobile caravans (2), a room Sanitary drainage (2), agricultural brix (2), poultry farm (2), water tanks (2), religious facility (mosque) (2), garden, car wash, nursery, and a tent used as a kitchen.
The second indicator focused on the distribution of the demolished facilities according to the region of the targeting. The peaks of targeting were in the Jerusalem governorates (43) facilities, followed by the Hebron governorate (22) facilities, and then the Tubas governorate (21) facilities.
In view of the notifications of demolition, confiscation, halting construction work and other violations that prevent Palestinians from realizing their right to build, reconstruct and invest their facilities, the number of notifications reached (32) in different areas.
The notifications indicate trends in the concentration of the upcoming Israeli targeting of Palestinian facilities, with the governorates of Jerusalem and Hebron having the highest percentage.
The third indicator focused on the target population, as the number of affected populations during the month of August reached (142) people, including (77) children and (8) women, according to the information available.
As for the arguments used by “Israel” in its attempt to legitimize the crime, the pretext for building without a permit in Area C was for (101) out of (106) facilities, and (5) facilities under the pretext of Jewish ownership of the land on which the construction is built.
The occupation authorities forced 5 citizens in the Ashqariya neighborhood in the town of Beit Hanina in Jerusalem, who are Abdullah Talib Khader and his sons, to demolish their homes (a house consisting of 5 apartments) that housed 25 people, including 7 children, after I notified them earlier. In order to avoid paying heavy fines in the event that the occupation authorities carry out the demolition process, in favor of the settlers who claim ownership of the land on which the building is built since 1962.
As for the notifications, there were (31) of them on the pretext that they were not licensed and were located in Areas (C), and one on the pretext of Its proximity to the Jewish settlements. The occupation forces, in the town of Kafr ad-Dik, in Salfit, have notified the evacuation of a sheep farm on the pretext that it is close to the “Badawil” settlement.
The last indicator reviewed the “self-demolition” operations and continued oppression by forcing the Palestinians themselves to demolish their facilities, foremost of which are their homes, under threat of heavy fines. During the month of August, the number of facilities whose owners were forced to self-demolish was 21 out of 106 facilities, all of them In the Jerusalem governorate, which consisted of (20) houses and an apartment room, of which (16) houses were in the town of Beit Hanina, two houses in Jabal Mukaber, a house in the Al-Tur neighborhood, and a house and a residential room in the Silwan neighborhood, all of which were demolished under the pretext of not having a permit.

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