California Parliament votes to adopt a curriculum that considers Israel an apartheid state

The California state parliament will vote next month on Bill "AB 101" that would allow local school districts to choose ethnic studies curricula for their students, including one that considers Israel an apartheid state and encourages students to boycott it.

Bill AB 101 gives school districts the freedom to choose the ethnic studies syllabus and makes it a compulsory subject for high school students.

One of the curricula is called the “Liberal Curriculum Model for Ethnic Studies (LESMC)” and it adopts the Palestinian version of history and describes Israel as an apartheid state, and trains students in its boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) campaigns, and defines Zionism as a “national colonial ideology,” and that there is "Apartheid in Israel".

The website of the educational group that prepared this curriculum indicated that “they aspire to be part of a larger movement that gives a voice to marginalized people.”

The site provides a “toolkit” and definitions that consider institutions affiliated with the pro-Israel lobby in the United States to be “Zionist organizations, the primary goal of which is to impede the development of anti-racist approaches.”

Pro-Israel organizations in the United States launched several campaigns to drop the bill that gives school districts freedom to choose the curricula of ethnic studies, and about 100 leaders of the Jewish community in California last week sent a letter to members of the local parliament in California warning against passing this law and its dangers, They accused it of being an "anti-Semitic" law.

The importance of the bill is that it imposes racial studies as a requirement for graduation, and school districts are not required to use the “approved” version, as 14 California school districts have already decided to make this curriculum that adopts the Palestinian version of history available to their students.


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