The “forces” calls for a wide participation in the activities of the “popular resistance”

 The leadership of the national and Islamic forces affirmed the wide participation in the popular resistance activities that permeate the occupied Palestinian territories, in rejection of the occupation, settler colonialism, aggression and the escalating crimes against our people, especially the demolition of homes, confiscation of land, incursions, daily arrests and attacks by colonial settlers.

The forces stressed, in a statement, at the conclusion of a meeting held today, Monday, the activation of all popular and official efforts to release the bodies of the martyrs detained by the occupation, whether they are buried in the “cemeteries of numbers” or kept in refrigerators, and the wide participation in the revival of the national day to retrieve the bodies of the martyrs, which falls on the twenty-seventh From this August.

The forces affirmed the continuation and intensification of activities in support of prisoners and detainees, especially in front of the International Red Cross and international bodies, and the continuation of the activities of the national and international campaign for the release of prisoners and detainees, especially administrative detainees and prisoners on hunger strike, and their intensification at the local and international levels.

The forces also called for a pilgrimage to the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, and to the Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron, in order to confront the occupation policy aimed at undermining the two mosques and changing their landmarks.

It called for imposing a comprehensive boycott of the occupation and holding its officials accountable and prosecuting them for the escalating crimes, especially before the International Criminal Court.


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