The occupation forces launch a campaign of raids and arrests in the West Bank and Jerusalem

The Israeli occupation forces launched, at dawn and Thursday morning, a campaign of arrests among citizens in separate areas of the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem.

According to local sources, the occupation forces stormed many areas amid raids on citizens' homes, which they wreaked havoc after thoroughly searching them.

From Ramallah, the young Ahmed Ghaleb from Qaddoura camp, Wissam Al-Rimawi, and Mustafa Jabr, both from Beit Rima, and the boy Qusai Abu Naim, Abdul Karim Abu Naim, Musa Abu Alia, and Karim Abu Alia from Al Mughayer, were arrested.

In Hebron, Amjad Salhab was arrested from Khirbet Qalqis, Sa'ed al-Namura from Dura, the freed persons Khattab Abu Mariya and Hamza Abu Mariya, and the wounded Ahmed Abu Ayyash from the town of Beit Ummar.

While the young man, Muhammad Abdul Latif, was arrested from Anata in occupied Jerusalem.

The occupation forces carried out a massive campaign of raids on citizens' homes in the town of Beit Iksa, northwest of Jerusalem, as part of their search for the perpetrators of the double Jerusalem operation yesterday morning.

Large forces stormed the town of Azzun, east of Qalqilya, and carried out a similar incursion into the town of Husan in Bethlehem.

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